A watch is one of the most important accessories that you can own. It makes you look classy. Moreover, it’s never practical to take out your phone just to look at the time.

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Following the grown trend of tactical gear, now a day almost every other person is hunting for the best tactical watches. This is logical since the tactical watches are more readable, durable and tough.

For all those men who are looking for durable yet cool and elegant tactical watch, we have compiled a well-researched list that includes top 3 tactical watches.

G-Shock GA-100-1A1


As of now it’s impossible to find a tactical watch that’s better than G-Shock GA-100-1A1. It has the size of 55 mm and weighs 70 grams. Its color scheme is attractive and really cool. It has a battery of 2 years and if the alarm or the lighting functionality is not used aggressively the battery serves longer. It has 29 time zones and is functional in around 48 cities. It has an automatic calendar installed in it programmed until 2099. The time display can be of 12 or 24 years so it totally depends on your choice.

Furthermore, it has 4 alarms so there is chance that you’ll never get late and also the stopwatch has a high accuracy of up to 1/1000th of a second. It is shock proof, water resistant and also offers magnetic resistance.

G-Shock DW9052-1V


G-shock DW9052-1V is simple but smart and provides all the specs necessary for a great tactical watch. It clearly displays time date and day and has water as well as shock resistance. It has a battery with a span of years of functionality. It will last easily if you do not use illumination constantly. It has resin band which provides comfort hold the watch securely. G-Shock DW9052-1V is regarded as the standard among the shock proof and affordable digital watches.

Tactical Field Ops Watch


This tactical watch is perfect for sharpshooters. The illumination of the watch is clear and the dial is very easily readable. It has a very large dial of about 50mm diameter because of which Tactical Field Ops Watch is easily visible. It has an awesome timer, alarm, digital compass and its high density polycarbonate frame which is considered as very tough. The compass of this tactical watch is very sensitive and accurate. It is water resistant down to 100 meters and has a ballistic calculator. So yes! It is one of the toughest military watches for men.